London February 2013. London February 2013. Trafalgar Square Not a pigeon in sight 174945269 As the sun comes out Not too busy 174945270 Now where are those pigeons? Where is my lunch? 174945271 Spinning Across the river 174945272 Taken from a boat What a wonderful piece of engineering 174945273 Taken from a boat Thank goodness this wasn't dismantled and taken off to the United States 174945274 A cable car across the Thames? Such an exciting ~ although short ~ trip 174945275 The sun is out the sky is blue What a trip! 174945276 O2 Arena Decending 174945277 Pretty? I love the sky 174945278 Not busy - these days. Not even is use 174945279 Monday Must be washing day. 174945280 Back to the pavements. All signed up. 174945281 Tower Bridge Icon? 174945282 As night falls London lights 174945283 The fall I absolutely LOVE this photo 174945284 Choccywoccydoodaa Not for the faint hearted 174945285